The StreamZoo is the best camera for kids and here are the reasons why

The StreamZoo is the best camera for kids and here are the reasons why

If you are interested in buying a camera for your child, you should start by looking at the StreamZoo.


According to many camera experts, it is the best kids digital camera, and here are just some of the reasons why.


Durable and shockproof — Children tend to be clumsier than adults and much harder on the things they use. That is why they need a camera that is durable and shockproof, as there is far less chance it will be damaged with daily use.


The StreamZoo is both durable and shockproof and is a sturdy camera any child can use daily without destroying beyond repair.


4X digital zoom — The StreamZoo also comes with 4X digital zoom. That means your child can take photographs of objects or people across the street without actually going there.


It also means they will be able to capture photographs in incredible detail just by zooming into the object they are taking.


Auto focus — Some kids’ cameras come with focusing needs before they can take a clear photograph. That often means your child’s photos will be out of focus more than they are in focus, or that your child will be running to you every few minutes so you can help them put the camera into focus.


With the StreamZoo, however, all the focusing is done for your child. That means taking a good photograph is often just a case of pointing the camera at a scene or an object, waiting for it to automatically focus and then clicking the shutter button.


Non-toxic material — You may be surprised to learn just how many kids’ cameras are made from material that can be toxic.


If you buy the StreamZoo, however, you can be safe in the knowledge the camera is made from all non-toxic materials. That means your child will be safe while using it.


1GB internal storage — The StreamZoo comes with 1GB of internal storage that can then be updated by up to 32GB depending on the SIM card you use with it.


This allows your child to take thousands of photographs for hours before the storage card will be full and need to be emptied. When that happens, the StreamZoo camera allows for easy transfer to a computer.


Superb photographs — There is no point buying a camera for your child if the photos it takes are not very good.


The StreamZoo takes ultra-sharp and incredibly beautiful photos with its 8MP resolution. It can even film 1080P HD videos, which means your child can spend hours making his own movies if he likes.


When you also consider the camera is well under $40, it is no wonder so many people are now buying the StreamZoo for their kids.